Creating meaningful intelligent information that moves the healthcare delivery system towards improved experience, improved performance, and improved efficiency


With an experienced team of professionals we are a health it analytics company that provides patient and staff intelligence to drive transformative patient experiences, meaningful quality improvement, and measurable cost reduction


Patient and frontline generated data analyzed over a real time analytics platform designed to provide alerts and recommendations. Our technology is created to achieve service recovery and lessen the chance of poor payer measured satisfaction scores.

Our Services

Experience Management

Monitor your patient satisfaction scores in real time (not monthly or quarterly), receive alerts when you are at risk of failing national satisfaction scores, and make changes before a dollar is lost to payers

Frontline Alerting Systems

Achieve “Service-Recovery” by empowering your frontline staff with mobile and tablet-based technology to quickly and efficiently alert and resolve issues that easily escalate

Behavioral Health Anayltics

Adding quantitative measurements to a qualitative experience. Using our behavioral health platform, you are able to track and demonstrate clear clinical improvements to your patients

Population Intelligence

Understand your service area like no other system will allow. Understand the characteristics, behavioral patterns, payer mix, and fluctuations in needs. Tailor your marketing, service offering, staffing based on accurate service needs.

Provider And Staff Metrics

Accurately understand provider and staff performance with valid patient perspectives not just a few responses. Create an incentive based patient satisfaction model, which staff can use for self-improvement

Consultancy Services

You have unique needs; our team can customize services and products to meet the unique needs of your facility and patients.

Major Benefits of EveryPatient Platform

  • • Improve Patient Satisfaction
  • • Reduce Patient Dissatisfaction
  • • Achieve Higher HCAHPS Scores
  • • Improve Social Comments/Reviews
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  • • Prevent Revenue Loss
  • • Increase Revenue